Potting and growing

Potting and growing

Organic Compost

Manufactured on site and only available ex yard, bagged or bulk, this product contains composted bark and chicken manure. This organic compost offers real performance in plant growth and improvements in soil structure and texture. It can be blended into existing soil or used as a growing medium, or used as a decorative mulch.

Very free draining but having good moisture retention over the warmer months.

Garden Mix

Made using 40% organic compost , 40% soil and 20% 2-7mm pumice.

This product is our biggest seller offering excellent growth to all new plantings. Most often used where no or very poor soil exists e.g. around new building sites. This product looks good, feels good and is easy to handle. It will give your new plantings the best possible start, offering excellent conditions for early root development and nutritional requirements. A real winner for your new or existing garden.

Lawn Mix

Made from a blend of screened top soil and pumice sand. Looks like top soil, free draining no lumps very easy to work with. Ideal for all new lawns, under ready lawn or patching or overlaying existing lawns.

Magic Mulch

This product is fast gaining favour as an economical way of developing new garden plots where no or very poor existing soil is available.

This rich dark product is made from composted mulch bark with the addition of organic compost. It is excellent as a mulch or used as a one product deep fill planting and mulching medium.

Potting MixesSee below

Potting MixesStandard Floor Mix

  • 40% Bark CAN
  • 30% Peat No 1
  • 30% 2-7mm Pumice
  • 3-4 and 5-6 month slow release fertiliser
  • Trace Elements

Potting MixesSeed Raising Mix

  • 35% Bark CAN
  • 35% Peat No 1
  • 0-4mm Pumice
  • 2-3 month fertiliser

Special Mixes available

Commercial grade potting mix mixed to your requirements please contact us for a price on your specifications.

We can custom mix a potting mix for any commercial or domestic grown plant in New Zealand. Minimum requirement is 2 cubic metres.