Bark products

Mulch Bark

  • 5 – 25 mm bark chip with cambium.
  • This product is excellent as an economical ground cover with good moisture retention and decorative qualities. As the cambium decays soil structure is improved.

Bark No 3 Mini Chip

  • 8 – 12 mm decorative chip
  • Ideal for smaller garden beds or as a topping for planter boxes or tubs, very popular for orchid growing.

Bark No 4

  • 20 – 25 mm clean decorative chip
  • The most popular decorative bark, suitable for all garden beds, widely
  • used for play grounds as a soft fall medium. No 4 bark has a good life span offering good looks and moisture retention.

Bark No 5

  • 30 – 60mm clean decorative chip
  • Suitable on larger areas, looks good with a longer life span.

Bark No 1 & 2 fines

  • 0 – 12mm fine bark
  • Mostly used as a premium finish on established garden beds as it has already been composted and is nitrogen neutral (does not deplete soil of nitrogen).
  • It is very popular as a mulch or as a soil conditioner.

Bark CAN Fines

  • 0 – 10mm composted fine bark.
  • Mostly used in our potting mix production. This product has Calcium Ammonium Nitrate added to replace Nitrogen drawdown while composting takes place. This rich black product is excellent for flower beds, pot plants, soil conditioner or mulch.